Phaeton 2: Solar Car

Description: Change is not a simple task. The journey of every great innovator was long, hard, and often clouded in failure. For over 27 years, students at Iowa State University have been dedicating their lives to developing revolutionary solar powered vehicles. Phaeton 2 is the pinnacle of PrISUm’s engineering talent and demonstrates the team’s will to do the extra-ordinary. Phaeton 2’s lightweight carbon fiber exterior and mechanical systems were handcrafted by ISU students during the fall of 2015. Every aspect of this vehicle was designed, manufactured, and tested right here in the Midwest. Thanks to PrISUm’s sponsors, members were able to race Phaeton 2 from Ohio to South Dakota in the 2016 American Solar Challenge. The 1975-mile trek across the Heartland of America tested not only the cars ability to race but the team’s ability to solve complex problems in a short period of time. Though their hardship, the team was awarded 7th place and also received the distinguished International Solarcar Federation (ISF) Achievement Award. In the coming months, remote controlled versions of Phaeton 2 will be sold throughout the world thanks to the ISF, commemorating solar racing and the concept of “Brain Sports.” Phaeton 2 will be the only car to ever hold this honor.

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