The Étude Group of Schools

The Étude Group of Schools

Portable Shelter Project and other Student Exhibitions of Learning

Description: The Étude Group is part of the Sheboygan Area School District and operates three charter schools: The Elementary School for the Arts and Academics (grades kindergarten to five). The Mosaic School (grades six to eight), and IDEAS Academy (grades nine to twelve). The Étude Group focuses on teaching students the content and skills necessary to be successful in a world that increasingly values creativity and innovation. Students will be exhibiting what they make in our school ranging from a Portable Shelter (Tiny Home), some visual art, and even home made cathode ray tube and particle accelerator. Our students are expected to generate numerous ideas, research all possible existing solutions, create their own solutions based on other's work, and then present their thinking, learning, and what they make. We will also exhibit our FIRST Robotics teams who will be preparing for competition by sharing their thinking and expertise with others.

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Categories: Education, Engineering, Handmade, Makerspace/Hackerspace, Music, Robotics

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