Calling all Cosplayers!

Imperator Furiosa

One area of making that I don’t personally have much experience with is cosplay (costume play) but I have a few friends who are really into it, and I’m always amazed at the work they do. Some of them are great at sewing, others are masters at making props, and some use digital fabrication techniques while other focus on adding electronics to costumes.

There’s a great collection of cosplay posts on the Make web site, and Adafruit highlights amazing work they find around the web. Another place to find cosplay inspiration is Instructables.

The web sites mentioned are all great, but we want to get real live cosplayers involved in Maker Faire Milwaukee!

If you’re a cosplayer who wants to share your work, either by having a table where you talk to attendees, or by leading a workshop showing a hands on technique, we’d love to help make that happen. Our Call for Makers isn’t open yet, but when it is, we’ll make sure there’s a spot for cosplayers.

And if you don’t want to commit to a table or workshop, you can always come to Maker Faire in costume! Show off your awesome making skills while you enjoy the event.