From Maker Faire to a Film

Jake and his armor

You may remember Jake Bissen from last year’s Maker Faire Milwaukee. He had the suit of armor he made as a member of Milwaukee Makerspace, and we ended the weekend with him in the armor battling the large Tesla coil. (You remember the post, right?)

Jake is a film student at UWM and his senior project is a film titled “Rook” that he’ll be producing. Besides the suit of armor, Jake has been busy building a camera crane, camera dolly, and other equipment needed for his film. He also plans to use the Kuka industrial robot arm at Milwaukee Makerspace as a camera control system to film himself battling the large Tesla coil again, a practical effect never before seen in a film.

Jake’s idea came about due to something crazy he tried at Maker Faire, and he wants to make it a reality, but he needs some help. If you want to see him succeed, consider supporting his Indiegogo campaign to help fund the film. You can also check out the Facebook page for the film.