It’s almost time…

Giant Clock

We’ve already told you about the GIANT CLOCK you’ll see at Maker Faire, and since we’re just a few weeks out, we thought you might like an update.


Tom Gralewicz at Milwaukee Makerspace has been leading the efforts, and putting time in every day to get this clock up and running for Maker Faire. The pneumatic nail gun makes putting nails in place quick and easy!

LC Gears

The small gears were all laser cut using one of the laser cutters at Milwaukee Makerspace. (Yes, they have more than one laser cutter!)


The gears are driven by these motors mounted inside wooden frames.


The smaller acrylic gears drive these larger wooden gears, which move the cubes.


The large gears were cut from 4×8 sheets of plywood using the (recently completed) 4×8 CNC Router at Milwaukee Makerspace. Here’s some of the 4×8 sheets showing where the parts were cut from.


With the large gears and strong motors, the clock is powerful and (slightly) dangerous! Warnings were needed…


More wood…


And more wood…


Of course there’s an Arduino to help control everything…


Tom is 6’3″, and the clock will be about 8 feet tall by 16 feet wide.

The next two weeks are going to be a bit hectic, but the GIANT CLOCK should be up and running (and telling time) before 9am on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 when Maker Faire Milwaukee officially opens!