MagneTag on Kickstarter


You may remember MagneTag from last year’s Maker Faire. Well, they’re coming back this year bigger and better than ever! They’ve even launched a Kickstarter campaign for those of you who want to play MagneTag at home.

For those of you not familiar with MagneTag, here’s a good explanation: “MagneTag is an advanced system of wearable magnetic field sensors. They are designed to electronically detect the foamy blows of justice you rain down on your (fr)enemies using our arsenal of magnetically enhanced foam swords and ninja stars.”

The MagneTag guys worked with Foamation here in Milwaukee (best known for their famous “Cheeseheads”) to create foam weapons with magnets embedded in them. They also worked relentlessly at Milwaukee Makerspace on all the other aspects of the game, from electronics to the wearable pieces.

MagneTag is the result of four years of work from Adam and the gang. We’re pleased to see it come so far, and can’t wait to battle you with foamy goodness at Maker Faire Milwaukee!