Maker Faires can impact businesses

Westport Mini Maker Faire

For many involved in Maker Faires, they are about seeing and experiencing amazing things, and getting excited and inspired. Maker Faires are a lot of fun! But there’s another side, which involves the business community.

At the Westport Mini Maker Faire local businesses have found that Maker Faires are a great place to showcase new products, find new customers, and connect with suppliers, distributors, partners, and investors. (Check out the article The unexpected business impact of Maker Faire for more on the successes they’ve seen.)

Here in Milwaukee, there are a number of opportunities for businesses to get involved with Maker Faire. At the highest level, sponsoring Maker Faire Milwaukee helps us to continue to put on the largest FREE Maker Faire in the United States. Interested in sponsoring? Find out more!

If sponsoring the event is beyond what your business can do, we’ve got other opportunities for involvement. Get in touch with us via email at to discuss.