Maker Information

Howdy Makers! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at


Maker Participation Agreement

If you haven’t signed this yet, please do so right away.  Each person helping you with your booth, workshop, speech, or activity must also complete the agreement. It is due by September 12th.

Maker Manual

This is the bible of all things Maker. It contains a list of deadlines, checklists for what to do and rules and guidelines for being a Maker at Maker Faire Milwaukee 2016. This is required reading for all Makers. Click here to view the manual.

Commercial Makers and Sponsors

If you are a commercial maker (or displaying products or services that Wisconsin residents might buy in the future) you must visit the Commercial Maker Page and provide us with some information required by the State of Wisconsin.

Load-In and Parking for the Event


Because this is a large event, load-in will occur over three days in multiple time-slots. You MUST sign up for a time slot using this form even if you only have small items in order for us to schedule you and keep things running smoothly. We anticipate about 300 people loading in their projects to the Expo Center and there just isn’t enough time and space to do it all at the same time. Please your preferred time for load in and we will let you know if there are any issues.

Load-in happens at Gate 1 on 79th and Greenfield Avenue — 7900 W Greenfield Ave, West Allis, WI 53214. Talk to the parking attendant at the entrance and tell them that you are a Maker at Maker Faire and need to load in. They will direct you to the loading dock. Go to the far end of the building to Hall A‘s dock, park in one of the marked spaces. Before beginning to unload, check in at the Maker Registration desk inside of the loading dock doors and get your welcome packet with useful information, entrance wristbands, official Maker badges, and your assigned space. We will have a limited carts available. Please plan ahead and bring a cart with rubber wheels and extra people if you need assistance moving into your booth.

Maker Parking

There is a close parking lot operated by the State Fair Grounds that can be used for $6/day. There may also be street parking available. Please check city signs for time/duration limitations.

Electrical Power

If you need power (and told us about it in advance on the application form) there will be a nearby power outlet for you to share with others. Please bring a 25’+ extension cord and a UL approved (look on the bottom) power strip.

Internet Access

If you have a project that requires always-on Internet or high-bandwidth Internet (videos are almost always high-bandwidth) please contact If you just need the Internet for general browsing / email, then you’re all set. The general wifi should work fine. If you have a videos to show attendees, we recommend that you download them before the Faire and play them directly from your computer, tablet or phone off-line. Google Chrome prevents you from downloading videos from YouTube, but this plugin for Firefox can download them and a free player called VLC can play them back without using the network. While we will do our best to make sure you have the internet your project need , we cannot guarantee connectivity unless you prepay for personal connection.

Booth, Tables and Chairs

We will provide the tables and chairs that you requested. Almost all spaces are 10′ x 10′ unless you asked for something different. You will receive 2 chairs unless you asked for more or less chairs. Table coverings and skirts are not provided. You are encouraged to bring anything that will make your space look unique and interesting.  An 11×17 sign with the name, title, and description you provided us will be in your Maker Packet, which you will receive at Maker Registration when you come to load in.

Food at the Event

There is a concession stand in the Expo center and many vendors selling food on the grounds. Because of food licensing restrictions, you cannot sell any food or drink item with out prior approval or bring more food/drink than you can eat yourself (no large coolers, but bag lunches and small coolers for personal use are fine.)

Friday Night Maker Mixer

On Friday evening , September 23rd, there will be a free party for all exhibiting Makers, volunteers and sponsors on the State Fair Grounds. Harvest Fair is going on at State Fair and you will need a ticket/pass to get into the mixer. Your Maker Mixer tickets will be in your Maker Packet  Please join us for an opportunity to meet your fellow makers and enjoy refreshments with Maker Faire Milwaukee volunteers, sponsors and organizers. We look forward to seeing you there!

On-site Dorm/Hostel

There are limited dorm/hostel rooms available at State Fair Park for about $100/room/night and they sleep 6 people (if you are interested in a dorm room please contact by August 23rd). Sites like and airbnb may also have rooms available that are near State Fair Park.

Local Hotels

The Wisconsin State Fair Grounds has a list of hotels nearby.

RV Park

There are about 70 full service sites, 30 additional electric only sites, and more dry sites at the State Fair Grounds. Maker Faire will not be a “Special Event” for pricing purposes (lower prices.) Water/Sewer/Electric plots are $40/night and Electric only is $35/night. For more information: visit the RV park web site. To make a reservation call 414-266-7035.

Makery Things To Do

Milwaukee has plenty to offer the geek in you! If you’re in town for Maker Faire Milwaukee or otherwise, we suggest you visit some of these places to up your geek cred.