Meet the Makers – Adam Cohen

Adam and guest battle with magnets

Tell us about yourself?
I am a physicist and maker, one of the very first members of Milwaukee Makerspace. I think microcontrollers are the coolest thing ever, I can’t believe that they can fit an entire system on such a small piece of silicon for only a few bucks! I prefer to make and fix things than buy them and throw them away. The challenge of making is its own reward.

What are you showing at the Maker Faire?
I have invented a brand new gaming system that uses magnets as an alternative to laser tag. I call it MagneTag. Players wear magnetic field sensors, and then battle your friends with foam swords/darts embedded with strong rare earth magnets. Its a blast!

Why is making important to

Making something new gives me joy and satisfaction that is hard to match. There are hard days when it doesn’t work, but when it does its a great feeling!

What was the first thing that you made?
I made an led blink on an Arduino. I didn’t know really what I was doing, but I was pretty proud of it.

Given an unlimited budget, what would you make?
A cross between Home Depot and TechShop. Consumers should be more involved in production.