Meet the Makers — Be a Maker Space at BBCM

Tell us about yourself?
The Be A Maker Space (BAMSpace) at BBCM is a place for kids and families to explore making.  The museum staff built the space by hand. We have a regular schedule of programs and open making time, when kids can explore and use real tools, materials, technology, and more.  BAMSpace is outfitted with a 3D printer, laser cutter, laptops, microcontrollers, etc.

What are you showing?
We are bringing some of our favorite BAM projects to Maker Faire, including compressed air rockets, a spin art machine, a yurt for light painting, an interactive music activity made with an antique piano soundboard, and some top-secret stuff too.

So, you need to visit our area at Maker Faire to check out the kinds of things you can make when you’re at the Museum.  We will be expanding our making hours and start offering special times and events geared to older kids, school groups, clubs, and families who want to work together on projects soon.

Why is making important?
Making and working with your hands helps you view the world through a different lens. Things that seem mysterious become understandable, broken items become fixable, intimidating projects can be broken apart and conquered. It also teaches you one of life’s most important lessons: Failure is a required part of the learning process. Embrace it!

First thing you made?
I remember making tons of stuff with cardboard and cheap materials like costumes with armor or tiny haunted houses complete with little vampires and wolfmen.

What would you make if you had an unlimited budget?
I would love for the BAMspace to be fully self-sustaining, like a Maker biodome. Generate our own power, grow food, raise funds with projects made in the program, etc.