Meet the Makers – Chad Bridgewater

Chad Bridgewater

We’re pleased to have Chad Bridgewater returning to Maker Faire this year. If you aren’t familiar with Chad’s work, much of it has to do with re-purposing old tools into new machines. Discarded tables saws become 3D printers and laser engravers, and a drill press rescued from the trash becomes a CNC router.

3D Printer

Chad recently received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and his MFA show in the spring was the first reveal of some of his machines. Chad did much of his work in the Digital Craft Research Lab at UWM and has a great appreciation for the merging of new and old processes to creating unique things.

MFA Show

Chad’s appreciation for tools and those who work with their hands (coupled with his love of rummage sales) resulted in a “memorial” of 135 worn and neglected toolboxes interlocked together.


Chad’s been keeping busy this summer, and he’ll have some great new builds for Maker Faire Milwaukee. If you want a sneak peek, check out Chad’s blog at

Laser Engraver