Meet the Makers – Felisha Wild


Tell us about yourself?
My name is Felisha Wild and I have almost 20 years of professional culinary experience.  Those years have also been peppered with IT, security, and military positions.  The past few years we have started Our Daily Salt, LLC as an extension of my love for food and the items that go well with food.  I’ve learned how to use and master woodworking tools, CNC technology, and laser engraving to help build the business.

What are you showing at the Maker Faire?
We make and manufacture our own line of housewares.  At the Maker Faire, we will be showing how we take a raw log and turn it into beautiful and functional bowls and other products by turning on the lathe.


Why is making important to you?
Making gives me a voice to tailor the world to suit my vision for the world.  Whatever I think of, I can eventually make into reality.

What was the first thing that you made?
One of the first things that I ever made was a hiding space underneath the stairs in our home when I was in grade school.

Given an unlimited budget, what would you make?
With an unlimited budget I would continue to build our business and provide jobs to people who need them.