Meet the Makers – Heather Eiden * Craft Me Calm

Heather Eiden * Craft Me Calm

Tell us about yourself.
I am an artist in residence, tile maker, early childhood art educator and a yoga instructor.

What are you presenting at Maker Faire Milwaukee?
I will be presenting my Story Tile display. It was my thesis project for my art education masters.

What inspires you to make?
Making things gets me excited about life. The goal is to see art in everything. I have a spiritual connection to my grandfather who was an inventor.

Heather Eiden

Why do you consider yourself a Maker?
I am a maker in the way I manipulate phenomena in the exploration of materials.

What tips or advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Maker?
Be inspired by the marketing skills of our fellow Americans. We are brilliant at marketing and design. Americans can market everything from breathing to bricks.

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