Meet the Makers – Deborah from Out Snowflaking

 Out Snowflaking

Tell us about yourself.
I have a strong sense of wonder and like to understand things. And when one is curious about things, one tends to investigate them. I therefore spend a fair amount of time reading, poking things, and asking questions. I also reuse paper towels, dance oddly, and look at the sky a lot. Sometimes all at once.

What are you presenting at Maker Faire Milwaukee?
I am looking forward to demonstrating how to make fossilized snowflakes, and to showing a selection of some that I’ve photographed and made into little picture blocks.

 Out Snowflaking

What inspires you to make?
Science as art is an enjoyable motivator for me.

What is something you’ve made that you are most proud of, and why?
I made my washing machine work again for six dollars after I did an internet search for “washing machine” and “horrible noise”.

Out Snowflaking

Why do you consider yourself a Maker?
Seems to me that we are all Makers.

Tell us about one of your failed projects.
If one looks at any given project as an experiment, then there is no failure. But philosophy aside, it was a failed attempt at a science project that set me on to fossilizing snowflakes… I tried to preserve some snowflakes one winter, following some supposedly-easy instructions, and everything just turned into sticky mush. Repeatedly. I found it highly irritating and I felt challenged. So I did a little more research, and did many many hours of trial-and-error experimentation and data collection until I started getting results I was happy with. I’m still experimenting; in fact, every attempt is an experiment. That’s part of the fun.

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