Meet the Makers – Robin and Marty Lawson

Tell us about yourself?
Lumen Electronic Jewelry is the mad scientist project of siblings and fourth-generation engineers Robin and Marty Lawson.  We custom design twinkling LED circuit board jewelry powered by light.  Tiny solar cells are incorporated into the designs, meaning no batteries to worry about.  Ever. To learn more about our maker journey check out our Ignite Madison talk. 

What are you showing at the Maker Faire?
We will be showing both our finished jewelry and kits.  A picture of our dragonfly necklace is shown below. Check out our Website and Etsy Store.


Why is making important to you?
Having a father and grandfather who are engineers means we’ve been making since practically before birth. We grew up with a private maker space in the back yard so its hard to say what we made first. Our father was always dragging us out to the shop to help him fix things. The ethos was if something breaks you don’t buy a new one, you fix it. He required us to do basic maintenance on our first cars. Robin even had to sand blast, Bondo, and paint the rust spots on her blazer.

Given an unlimited budget, what would you make?
Robin: I’d make the starship Enterprise. Travel the galaxy and break the theory of relativity, hell yeah.
Marty: I’d make a laser heat exchanger rocket launcher. Or a 600mi range electric car.
Robin’s response: Only 600? lol.