Meet the Makers – Timeline Cosplay

Timeline Cosplay

Tell us about yourself.
I’m 29 years old, and I’ve been a cosplayer since High School, though back then I didn’t do as much as I do now. I didn’t do too much sewing, in fact my first cosplay was made up of mostly bits and pieces from Goodwill. Then I started learning how to sew, first with a few Kimonos, then with some simple outfits. I still pieced together things from Goodwill, and it wasn’t until I had graduated college that I really took off on making cosplays and costumes. I even made a medieval outfit with a gathered skirt for a wedding I was in, and it turned out fantastic. I’ve been getting better and making improvements with my accessory work and fabric work, even though sometimes I tend to not get my own measurements exactly right even when I use a pattern. I love to create, and cosplay has been a great way to meet people that are just as nerdy and dedicated to crafting as I am. I’ve made so many more friends in the community and I’m so happy for it.

What are you presenting at Maker Faire Milwaukee?
I am presenting some of my cosplays as well as probably bringing in a new cosplay to sew and assemble so people can see how its done. I have a lot of outfits spanning a lot of video games and anime and my list is ever growing. I try to plan outfits that I can be comfortable in, or will function in both hot and cold climates. My current cosplay that I have recently nearly completed, is Lady Three from the game Drakengard 3, and I will either be wearing her or at least bringing in her armor to show people what Worbla can do. She so far is my greatest success as I have worked really hard to make the outfit spectacular.

What inspires you to make?
Bringing a character to life or designing an outfit is fun and frustrating. For me, I have a long list of outfits I want to do but not as much sometimes of an idea for how to do them. I sometimes feel like my skills aren’t on par with some others out there so I get afraid to do certain outfits. However in the past two years at least I’ve been inspired to take some risks with outfits that just simply called to me, and that’s brought me out of my comfort zone making things I never thought I would make. Seeing video games or shows I really like, characters that have amazing or crazy personalities or that I can relate to. A lot of the characters I cosplay are a little twisted but I like it that way, and I like doing characters that are a little obscure.

Timeline Cosplay

What is something you’ve made that you are most proud of, and why?
There’s a lot of outfits I’ve made but I have to say one of my best ones is a dress I had sewn together based off the main character from a game called Fatal Frame IV. I had cut the pieces out so gingerly, and spent over six hours sewing everything together, the trim, the lace and then getting all my accessories in place. I have a few antique cameras I actually use as props for this outfit and one other as well and it just came together so well. More recently my outfit that I made armor for out of Worbla, a thermoplastic material you shape with heat, has turned out fantastic as well and I really feel like my skills have grown considerably since that dress.

Why do you consider yourself a Maker?
I love to make outfits, costumes, cosplay. I consider myself a maker because each outfit I create and put together I give the character I’ll be portraying a life outside of their normal medium. I can spend hours creating a costume, and that can include finding a pattern, getting materials, gathering ideas and reference pictures.

Timeline Cosplay

Tell us about one of your failed projects.
I had some scissor blades I had originally made out of smooth foam. I drew up a pattern and cut them out. Then after I had glued them I was going to paint them and figured spray paint would make it quick and easy. I get set up and suddenly the spray paint is melting the foam as I started trying to use it.

What tips or advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Maker?
Never stop creating. Never stop learning, and be open to accepting help and criticism.

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