So Many Maker Faires!

Maker Faire

Maker Faires happen all over the world! The flagship events happen in New York and the Bay Area, and there are plenty of smaller events (known as Mini Maker Faires) and even School Maker Faires

Here in Milwaukee we’re proud to be designated as one of the Featured Faires, which is considered to be an event worth traveling to attend. Less than twenty Maker Faires around the world fit in the Featured Faire category.

Featured Faires

What this means to those of us planning the event is that we need to work harder than ever to bring you the best of what Maker Faires have to offer. We want you to be amazed and inspired, not just when you visit Maker Faire Milwaukee, but for months after the event as well. We want you to leave excited about being a maker, and planning your next project.

We hope to see you at Wisconsin State Fair Park September 24th & 25th, 2016 for Maker Faire Milwaukee!