What will you see – Laser Maze


Source: Eric Schneeweis

What is a laser maze you say? Well, it’s maze made of Lazzors!! You may have seen several examples in bank heist or spy movies.

We’ll be making an upgraded version of the one from last year’s Milwaukee Makerfest. It’ll feature less hot glue and will be more child-skill proof – some kid just ran under the whole thing last year in 2.6 seconds.

The goal of the maze is to duck, bend, and contort yourself to the end and press the finish button as soon as possible. Lasers bounce off mirrors and hit small solar panels. An Arduino monitors the power output from the panels – reduced electrical production indicates a laser has been tripped. Every interruption leads to a 10 second penalty. The Arduino communicates to a computer to display the time elapsed. Time stops when the finish button is hit!

If you have always wanted to break into a bank but never had a practice platform, well here it is. Look for it at Maker Faire Milwaukee!