What will you see – The Life Size Mousetrap


We’re very happy to announce that Life Size Mousetrap is coming to Maker Faire Milwaukee!  What is it? Well, it’s best explained in their own words:

“The Life Size Game of Mousetrap uses Newtonian mechanics to plant the seeds of curiosity with a 25 ton Rube Goldberg machine!

You will be amazed by the marvel that is the world’s only Life Sized Game of Mousetrap, a hand-built Rube Goldberg Machine of epic proportions that uses bowling balls, a cast iron bathtub and a hand-built crane to drop a two ton bank safe-proving once and for all that there is a better way to build a Mousetrap!

The Life Size Mousetrap currently travels the US bringing science and fun to folks everywhere. The fantastic interactive installation shows people that anything is possible, that you don’t have to have a degree in engineering to understand how to build a crane, and that back yard tinkering is fun! Children and adults all across America have delighted in the antics of this old fashion vaudevillian style road show for a wacky and wondrous experience that is as educational as it is a feast for the eyes. Mark Perez built the Mousetrap over a 13 year period and has become an inspiration for backyard builders, makers, DIY’ers, and budding young engineers and physicists.”

In other words, it’s a truly awesome showcase of what creative makers with dedication and passion can create. The Life Size Mousetrap has existed for 18 years and has been touring for the past 10 – a testament to it’s entertainment and educational value.

It’ll be crushing cars several times a day throughout the event. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!