What will you see – Unique Electric Vehicles


Source: Ben Nelson

Milwaukee Makerspace has several members who have built electric cars, motorcycles, and yes, even ice scooters. Ben Nelson runs 300mph.org,a web page and blog dedicated to people who take positive action to improve their own transportation options. He has also published DVDs and Instructables showing you how to build your own electric vehicles among many other backyard inventions.

One of the coolest electric vehicles featured at Maker Faire Milwaukee will be Tom’s electric Dodge Neon. While most home built electric cars use DC fork lift motors, Tom wanted to do something different. The car uses a 25HP three phase AC motor from an air compressor. To drive it he has a 75HP AC Drive from a trolly car and its powered by twenty five 12V 75AH UPS batteries..


Source: Tom Gralewicz

Right door open

Source: Tom Gralewicz

Running back seat - disconnect and monitor

Source: Tom Gralewicz

Check out the Electric Neon and other home brew electric vehicles at the Maker Faire, and it might inspire you to build one for yourself!