What will you see – World’s Smallest Jet Powered Monster Truck

It thunders like a jet fighter. It erupts clouds thick, white smoke. It’s the World’s Smallest Jet Powered Monster Truck called MICRO MONSTER, one of the newest and most extreme inventions around.

Owner / Driver / Designer Dieter Sturm Jet Tech / Designer Jeff Seymour

The MICRO MONSTER features an Advance Turbine Design gas turbine jet engine. At just 60 pounds, it’s a lightweight, but this little engine is a true powerhouse! The ATDI GS – 100 Turbojet engine is only one of 6 ever built, three of them had gone to NASA to test Hypersonic flight models. It idles at 40,000 RPM and tops out at 80,000 RPM. It’s backed by 100 pounds of thrust with a boost to 160 lbs of thrust when the afterburner is ignited! The ATDI GS – 100 has been customized for use in the MICRO MONSTER, then specially mounted to the frame.

The jet engine stand can electrically pivot from a horizontal position of output to a complete vertical position. The smoke system, modeled after those used by aerobatic aircraft was installed add to the drama and impact of this mini monster!


Engine: ATDI GS – 100 Turbojet
Engine Weight: 60 Pounds
Turbine Type: Single Stage Axial Flow
Fuel: Jet A
RPM: 40,000 idle, 80,000 maximum
Exhaust Gas Temperature: 1250 F
Thrust: 160 Pounds
Maximum Speed: Unknown
7″ Max-Torque Converter
Disc Brakes
Electric Reverse
Total Fueled Vehicle Weight 700 lbs.